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Yazdegerd later fled to Balkh, where he was defeated by the Arabs and fled across Oxus River. Zaida ash-Shabani was sent to Sistan in response to disturbances in Sistan. The numbers of sectors in the city were increased from 11 to 18 sectors in after the establishment of Afghan government. Abi Sufyan was appointed governor of Basra in , with Khorasan and Sistan coming under his mandate as well. Asad mounted a surprise attack on the Turks at Kharistan who only had 4, troops. Fulford-Dobson said she was struck by the girls' confidence and how happy they were to skateboard Unconventional athletic gear: Amir went to Khorasan from Kerman in and sent out along with a vanguard of Tamimi Arabs and 1, asawira via Quhistan. Pictured here are the policemen blocking a road near the security perimeter set up around the hotel Afghan police forces arrived at the site of a gun battle in the Serena Hotel last night. Their advance probably happened in summer of as A'sha Hamdan's poem refers to the scorching heat they had to endure. Afghan security officers standing guard at the entrance of the Kabul Hotel That three people were wounded as guests were rushed to reinforced safe rooms Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack and said the gunmen had targeted guests celebrating the eve of the Afghan new year on Friday.

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    He ordered the Zunbil to pay the tribute and was offered camels, Turkish tents and slaves, but this did not placate him.


    While the fire temple of Kariyan was destroyed, the one at Karkuya survived along with its herbad. Abi Baruda and Ibrahim b.


    Most importantly, that entails marrying and having children of her own. The Serena hotel has been attacked several times during the Taliban insurgency, but Thursday's assault was the deadliest so far.


    This could be because of confusion of Ahnaf's later activities under Ibn Amir and an attempt to magnify his role in Khorasan's conquest. However, in Khorasan, no all-out effort seems to have been undertaken to the expel the Arabs after Qarin's rebellion.


    However, in Khorasan, no all-out effort seems to have been undertaken to the expel the Arabs after Qarin's rebellion.


    She explained how having four daughters had made her decide to bring her youngest to the barber for a haircut a year earlier, and to tweak her name to a masculine-sounding form, in order to present her to the outside world as a son in trousers and a shirt. The Arab captives were ransomed for half million dirhams and the region was pacified more through diplomacy than force.


    Their advance probably happened in summer of as A'sha Hamdan's poem refers to the scorching heat they had to endure.


    It is infrequently mentioned in the early Islamic sources.


    Amir was made the governor of Basra and its eastern dependencies again from to One of the hotel's main saferooms, which was packed with guests and Afghan members of parliament, filled with smoke from a fire in the kitchen.


    Many of those who survived died by gorging themselves on the food sent to them according to Tabari. The chief of police is selected by the ministry of Interior and is responsible for law enforcement and security of the city.