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    The first part of the Orphic Trilogy. Stars Ivor Novello and directed by Maurice Elvey.


    Movie is at bottom of the linked page. Voted one of the most inspiring films of all time.


    About the film, Cahiers du cinema wrote "To what degree this film is a work of art, we are not certain but, in any case, it is strong stuff. Korea by both rekindling interest in the traditional music of pansori and by breaking box-office records despite playing on only three screens.


    For US audiences only.


    We have background on the film here. Stars Ivor Novello and directed by Maurice Elvey.


    A film noir great. They work the prisoners so hard they rise up against them.


    Stars Leslie Howard and Merle Oberon. It's made available online by Mosfilm.


    Korean drama film directed by Lee Doo-yong.


    It's now made available by Mosfilm.