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He is also well versed in Krishna Mohana Vidya, and is a complete Master of several intricate upaasana methods and Yagnic rituals culled out from Nrusimha Tapinyopanishat. At this stage I joined the service of the Central Bank of India. Gradually, I gave up these tricks and opted for straightforward means. When he wanted to offer flowers to the diety, he used to stretch the palm of his hand, the flower used to fly in its own accord and land on his hand. As promised at the outset, Su Yen allowed me to return to my place after the purpose was over. Has Rajar sent you here? I used to smile at them and quietly withdraw from there. It was all in the game. She, however, used to keep one or two young ladies and continued the profession so that she could devote more of her time to me. On seeing his intentions being thus exposed, the visitor had to withdraw in shame. This activity, although in the main a hobby at the time, maintained my entrepreneurial spirit within a competitive consumer business arena.

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    I thought for a while and could not fathom what she meant. Slowly but steadily I could come out of all such shady acts and met my expenses with money earned by hard labour.


    During this period, I established a profitable line in vintage clothing through targeted purchasing and reselling on an international basis. Recently, Maharshi left his physical body as the purpose for which he had come into the world was fulfilled.


    Due to the grace of God and my Gurus, I did not find anything like imitation, which you know, erodes originality. On seeing his intentions being thus exposed, the visitor had to withdraw in shame.


    Some of them were local tribals who sought relief in their medical problems.


    A person must have a spirit of high degree of sacrifice to be bestowed with that gift.


    As they are totally free from attachments and selfishness, they have none to favor and nothing to fear.


    What type of energy one would attract when a particular Mudra is used? As I was drinking the serenity of the idyllic surroundings, I found a person riding a yak.


    I owe them much.


    He is an ardent upaasaka of Lord Nrusimha and is the last link in the parampara of Chaya Atharva Veda. Sri Narayana Nambudri took great pains to teach me many intricate Tantrik Prayogas.