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My friend likes my girlfriend

Amazingly, my wife did not seem to be noticing. Masuzu tells Eita that she wants him to not look at other girls. Angie took another look at the thick dick head with the dripping clear stuff. Will she be passive, or aggressive? He would be pumping her mind, fishing for compliments and comparisons between his cock and mine, and at the same time be pumping his cock into her time and time again. The meeting over, a last night on the town, and catch a plane at McCarron the next mid-morning, that was the plan. The boss, Joey Robustelli was in good spirits as usual, and he was making the rounds. My hubby would get jealous and ask what were you doing etc. Seven inches or more my wife was getting. Joey had done it slow, but he had firmly pushed forward, giving my wife a lot of cock all at once and stretching her the widest with his thick head and then allowing her pussy to relax a bit with the narrower but still thick shaft as it slid down and then almost all the way to the end. As Joey started a steady slow pump, he looked over his right shoulder and back at me and grinned.

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    Turns out that Carole tells Angie some things not intended for me to hear, and then tells me things not intended for Angie. Joey had taken possession of my wife and she was his to do with as he pleased.


    One guy took off my panty and started licking and sucking my pussy and it was so good.


    Her face is fabulous and I knew she has a nice bod but that is better than nice. My first choice was to have just the three of us together, but if Joey moves on Carole right now, while she is hot from my cock and eating my wife, my marriage might still be safe.


    Will she be passive, or aggressive?


    But my wife did not know that Joey was there until he had gotten up beside her on his knees and placed his thick cock near her mouth. Joey was not only making my decisions for me, but also for Angie.


    I know that sounds crazy.


    I was thinking it, but did not voice my thoughts out loud. I knew what he was doing.


    When I talked to her about that part later, Angie told me that she was quite concerned about swallowing his cum because with her mouth being held open so wide, she was wondering if she would be able to make the swallowing moves. Two, if it happens, I make a movie.


    I'll bet that has been on your mind ever since you saw this bedroom, hasn't it?


    She thanks Eita for all he has done and tells him that she will set him free after the contest.