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Orient doll sex doll. Human Love Doll Factory service in Osaka transforms you into a “living sex doll”.

Orient doll sex doll

We may arrange shipment to shipping company's office near you. There are a lot of materials of clothes. No, unfortunately, we cannot accept installment or layaway. Can I put a ready-made clothes on the doll? This is the official portal for overseas customers to purchase the top silicone sex dolls Japan has to offer. Just don't use dryer. The result is a staggeringly beautiful, high-grade masterpiece of design, functionality and style. Contact Us Orient Industry create Japan's best sex dolls, top luxury real love doll made from premium silicone for the most exclusive of experiences. Human Love Doll Factory claims to be the first service of its kind in its world. Can I purchase dolls anonymously? Head is not included. Can I receive the doll at other place than my home?

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    Real love dolls and Japanese sex dolls by Orient Industry are truly works of art.


    Can I purchase dolls anonymously?


    It is hard card board box.


    After you dry it, you can use it repeatedly. We pack doll in hard and solid carton to damage and for your privacy.


    Can I use the doll for oral sex?


    Hair could be melted How do I keep or storage doll? Real love dolls and Japanese sex dolls by Orient Industry are truly works of art.


    No, eyes or mouth cannot be opened more.


    There had some scratches on silicon surface.