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The Gambian-SeneGambians Cultural Festival 2011 DVD

Senegambia girls. Top 10 Destinations in West Africa.

Senegambia girls

Older children, especially girls, care for their younger siblings. Marriage, Family, and Kinship Each ethnic group has its own marriage, residence, and kinship patterns. There are two men for every woman in education, and the ratio is even lower in rural areas. Gambia became part of a larger British colony, the Province of Senegambia, which included present-day Senegal and Gambia. This tendency toward male groups is strengthened through Islamic affiliation, as 90 percent of the population is Muslim. The colonial bungalow is a typical form of architecture. The rulers also inherited their statuses, and administered a feudal domain. The Kora, a lutelike instrument, accompanies much singing and dancing. Those who cannot perform work are left to private charity, which often means begging. You will learn traditional fishing methods and you learn all about voodoo. The eco-tours there are excellent.

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