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Sex beheading stories. Short Stories.

Sex beheading stories

Her fantasy however would not prepare her for the brutal reality of it. If you're a fan of extreme BDSM torture rife with many of the Dolcett themed stories, you might like this one. Nothing special about this tale, only that it is short and gets to the point fairly quickly. One guard then threw a bucket of water onto Rachel to cool her off, causing a brief tremor as the remaining current was exorcised from her lifeless body. Her bladder felt as though it were going to explode, and she was sure the water was soon to near a boil. This arousal was not to remain for long, however: Surprising unpredictable, though it seems like the story ended quite abruptly at the final paragraph. Although a little flawed in terms of writing style, the story more than makes up for this for its excellent attention to realistic and accurate depiction of the butchering process. Come on, you can't ask erotic lit authors not to involve genitalia! It has one of the most memorable lines in all the stories I've read. One of my favourite stories on consensual cannibalism.

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    This long and epic tale needs a lot of patience to get used to and is hampered with a rather plodding and plain writing style. Her fantasy however would not prepare her for the brutal reality of it.


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    So if anyone has some electric chair stories they'd like to share with me, please do!


    Bennet, 21, from London, global citizen ID correct? Nevertheless, an excellent example of a story on how to write characters and dialogue.


    If there's anything to criticize for the gynophage afficionado is that it's light on the post-slaughtering scene although it compensates itself really well with a super build-up scene before the kill.