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Sex with uncircumcised. The Tip of the Iceberg.

Sex with uncircumcised

I'd like to thank you for reading this, I really don't know where to turn to ask a question like this. Anyone but a parent would go to prison for this sexual mayhem. I am not currently circumcised and my wife and I are finding some complications in intercourse and reaching orgasms. As someone whose penis did not and still probably doesn't look much like his dad's, I have the experience to say with full knowledge and authority that that particular question is a complete non-issue. I am somewhat concerned I am too old to have this done and am somewhat embarrassed to discuss it with my physician. Should I call him back and try to convince him or ask him to refer me to someone who is willing? As a result I don't think that I have ever really enjoyed a good sex life and it has certainly had a negative impact in relationship development. I would like to ask you, if during the circumcision when I have the frenulum completely removed, would the doctor make a subincision to widen the meatus, if I wanted this? I don't want to go from doctor to doctor for something like this out of embarrassment and money. The harm circumcision has caused me physically and psychologically is immeasurable.

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    After searching the internet for Australian sites with reference to the subject I found your article, and it proved to be informative and well-balanced.


    To cut or not to cut should have been my choice. Is circumcision possible or recommended for a 40 year old?


    Should I or should I not go with the operation? I consider circumcision rape, I am circumcised, I consider circumcision rape and mutilation.


    But I have had condoms break and I have had condoms slip off.


    Uncircumcised men usually lasted longer. Phimosis can be treated by using topical steroid ointments and using lubricants during sex; for severe cases circumcision may be necessary.


    I was wondering what effect does it have on the female heighten or lessen sexual feeling if a male is not circumcised, and what effect does it have on the male during sexual intercourse? Which would you like?


    What I would like to see is that:


    When this relationship ultimately ended she found that sex with circumcised men made it more difficult to orgasm each time. I'm 20 years old and have had only one sexual partner.