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Video about what to say to a girl to get her wet:


What to say to a girl to get her wet. 50+ Sexy and Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl and Get her Horny.

What to say to a girl to get her wet

How do you moan? Ninety percent of the times that we do think of sex, it all occurs without us consciously wanting it to happen. Take your time Patience is important. Letting her initiate contact is the best way to do things, because it allows her to chase after you. For instance, a female coworker sitting not too far from you, seemingly in deep thoughts: What is your hottest sexual memory? All you have to do is make her feel like there is nothing else in the room except her beauty that makes it glow. Any girl who thinks you are taking her for granted will not even think of having a conversation with you. You may through the night but a repeat will never happen. It is evident that you are already excited about the whole situation but it is important that she also gets on board to the same level or you will ruin your chances of getting down with her just a you think you have it figured out. For many, it is common sense to get a girl wet especially if you are looking to go the extra mile and end up in bed together.

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